What Will President-Elect Biden Do About Climate Change In His First 100 Days?

Share List Progressive activists all around the world have pushed Biden’s environmental agenda much further to the left, but most of us realize that his plan isn’t really good enough. That said, what will he actually accomplish in his first 100 days now that Democrats rule both the executive and legislative branches of government? Maybe … [Read more…]

Is The Novel Coronavirus Covid-19 Reducing Smog?

Share List By now, most of us have realized that both the viral outbreak and the worldwide response to the outbreak will leave lasting scars on society as a whole. Life isn’t going back to normal anytime soon. Schools are closed and colleges have kicked students out of their dorms, sending them home. Bars, clubs, … [Read more…]

21 Global Climate Change Facts You Should Know

Share List Global climate change will result in more than meets the eye. Here are just a few of the consequences, well-known and unknown: We don’t worry about it because we can’t see or feel it like, say, we would experience running into a hungry lion, breaking a leg, or fleeing from a house fire. … [Read more…]

Conservative Party Wins In United Kingdom: What Does This Mean For Climate Change?

Share List Prior to Thursday’s election in the United Kingdom, many environmentalists were pointing out how critical it is to the global fight against man-made climate change to put the Conservative Party out of power — but after the party’s stunning win, environmentalists are left scratching their heads instead. Party leader Boris Johnson seemingly couldn’t … [Read more…]

Are Insects Dying Because Of Climate Change?

Share List By now you’ve probably heard the news: insect populations are plummeting. Around 40 percent of all insect species are in decline, many of them in danger of going extinct for good. The food chain relies on all its many links to thrive, and with both the bottom (insects) and top (predators) links in … [Read more…]