21 Global Climate Change Facts You Should Know

Global climate change will result in more than meets the eye. Here are just a few of the consequences, well-known and unknown:

  1. We don’t worry about it because we can’t see or feel it like, say, we would experience running into a hungry lion, breaking a leg, or fleeing from a house fire. We cannot perceive global warming, whether that warming includes a single degree Celsius or five, even though we can clearly review that data and know that there are consequences to ignoring it.
  2. We can compare the warming to what happens when we get a fever. We’re uncomfortable when we have a fever of only one or two degrees, and we’re in severe danger when body temperature rises further. The planet’s temperature is the same way.
  3. The warming leads to the melting of snow and glaciers, which further results in less sunlight reflected away. That means that there is a compounding effect, or positive feedback loop. The worse it gets, the worse it will get.
  4. The ocean is becoming more acidic because of heat and pollution. This kills coral and much of the foundation of a healthy ecosystem, which will eradicate most life in the oceans in the near-future.
  5. Extreme weather is more common. Heatwaves, drought, floods, heavy rains, forest fires, hurricanes, and more: it’s all getting worse, and the trend will continue.
  6. Agriculture will suffer. Certain environments will no longer be fit for growing certain kinds of foods. Crop yields will plummet due to drought.
  7. Smog increases in proportion to the temperature, which means we’ll all suffer adverse health effects as temperatures rise.
  8. Extreme weather events strain and damage our infrastructure.
  9. Rising sea levels will inundate many of our coastal cities and render them uninhabitable.
  10. Ecosystems will continue to collapse: arctic animals, coral reefs, shellfish, and forests will begin to disappear. Hundreds of species are already dying off and we are in the midst of a sixth great extinction.
  11. People will succumb to indirect effects of warming as well: heatstroke, exhaustion, cardiovascular disease and kidney disease.
  12. A fifth of wildflower species could be demolished due to global warming.
  13. Warming will also increase the mosquito population.
  14. Poison Ivy and other weeds like dandelions will become far more pervasive.
  15. Desertification is reducing much of the lush vegetation that ecosystems require to thrive.
  16. The temperature regulating rainforests will be eradicated, throwing the planet’s climate into even greater flux.
  17. The Mediterranean Sea is turning into a salty, acidic, and dead ocean.
  18. Global warming could even increase the number of erupting volcanoes.
  19. Those allergic to ragweed and mold will find trouble in the future, because those allergens grow exponentially higher with increases in carbon dioxide levels.
  20. Warming effects are also making deadly diseases more likely to resurface, while new diseases are more likely to spread.
  21. Wars will erupt as nations fight over resources like water and rare earth minerals, many of which are harvested in lesser quantities than they were a decade ago.