4 Popular Myths About Climate Change

Talking regularly about climate change is such an important part of raising awareness about the subject.  Unfortunately, many climate change skeptics/detractors will use many outdated and misinformed arguments to make climate change look like it isn’t a serious threat.  Prepare to Teach Climate Change by identifying these four key arguments as myths.

There Is Nothing Abnormal About Recent Climate Change

Many skeptics will bring up the idea that the climate change that has occurred in the last century is a natural fluctuation due to natural factors.  What these people don’t understand is that every scientific model and projection says otherwise: facts like the increase in CO2 in the atmosphere since the industrial revolution cannot be considered a coincidence.  If the climate normally changed this much this quickly, the earth would have been uninhabitable long ago.

Plants Need CO2, It’s No Big Deal

Yes, plants need CO2 just like humans need oxygen.  However, “too much of a good thing” is oftentimes not a good thing at all.  Humans need sleep to survive, but if we slept for 20 hours a day, that would not be beneficial at all.  Plants, which are vital to the earth’s survival, do need CO2, but they need far, far less than how much they are getting now.  Plants have responded negatively to the rising amounts of CO2 in the air… How will we respond?

It’s Still Cold Out.  Explain That, Science!

Climate change is currently happening at a staggering rate, even though it might not seem like it.  Hearing that the earth is getting slowly hotter every century doesn’t sound like much, but consider the impact it will have on future generations.  Winter is still cold, but it is slightly warmer than it was in centuries past.  Trusting gut feelings instead of science is not a responsible way to treat our planet.  Look at the data: It’s getting warmer, even if it is still cold.  

Animals Will Adapt To Climate Change

This is a somewhat true statement: over the course of time, animals have adapted to climate change.  Between moving to a different locale or evolving from a more primitive species, animals are where they are because they adapted to their environments.  The climate change that is happening now, however, is happening way too fast.  Animals will not be able to evolve to adapt, and many animals will have nowhere to move if the ice they live on is melted or the ocean is polluted.  We need to slow down climate change so animals can continue to adapt.