What Is Abrupt Climate Change?

When a scientist states that climate change has been abrupt, they are not necessarily talking about something that occurs over a couple months or years. They have been monitoring the climate for over a century, and based upon that data, they can see that this change is happening now at an accelerated rate. They are typically comparing how the climate has been based upon core samples that go back 10,000 years or more. By looking at these, they are able to deduce that what is happening now is an abrupt climate change when compared to centuries of data.

What Is Causing This Change?

This change is being caused by mankind. Of course, there are going to be natural changes that occur from time to time such as when volcanoes are starting to erupt. There have been a significant amount of volcanoes erupting, but the speed at which the climate changes occurring is obviously related to mankind. All of our modern factories, vehicles, and everything else that burns fossil fuels have been gradually adding to the problem. We have added all of this into the atmosphere over the last 100 years, and as a result, we now have the changes that are occurring.

How Do You Stop This?

Stopping an abrupt climate change like this is not something that can be done in the course of just a few years. It is important to involve the entire planet, making sure that CO2 emissions are limited, and this can begin the healing process. If the amount of carbon dioxide does not slow down, we are not going to be able to prevent this from getting worse. This climate change is most certainly the result of the modernization of our civilization, and we all need to work together to make the changes that are necessary.  From scientists like Elon Musk to lawyers like Jonathan Bowman, experts of every field need to work as hard as they can for the earth.