Which Animals Has Climate Change Put On The Endangered Species List?

Climate change is a heavily debated topic, and it is at the forefront of the minds of many environmentalists. Calls to action are often pronounced with a sentiment towards protecting the future of the children growing up in this world. The reach goes far beyond that, however, as you also have to think about the animals. Did you know that climate change is endangering the lives of animals? In fact, it has put several of them on the endangered species list.

What species of animals are endangered now thanks to global warming and climate change? Start with the polar regions of the globe. Did you know that polar bears are now endangered? How is this even happening? The explanation has everything to do with when the ice is forming each year and also when it is melting. Animals are forced to adapt, and polar bears are now endangered because it is becoming increasingly difficult for them to make the necessary adaptations.

What other animals are struggling in this modern world with climate change in overdrive? The North Atlantic Cod is another example, as is a certain species or penguin, the Adelie Penguin. There is even one animal now that scientists are saying is no longer endangered but in fact extinct. It is the golden toad. Now, not everyone is in agreement that this toad is extinct due to climate change, but scientists are said to be moderately confident about the claim.

There are other species of animals that are endangered, and then there are all kinds that are simply struggling. Environmental adaptation isn’t always easy. Scientists say that polar bears are having to resort to finding food on land after the ice melts. That is sad, and it is enough to make you want to stand up and do something, isn’t it? ¬†Whether you decide to start a website about this issue or simply tell those around you, any bit of activism helps.