Share List Climate change has been big in political and social venues of discussion over the last decade. But it is also a catch-all euphemism for a term called “global warming.” The term was changed because no one can seem to explain the 20-year “pause” I warming that we are currently experiencing on Earth. But … [Read more…]

What Are The Different Types Of Global Warming?

Share List Global warming. Climate change. Although it goes by various names and takes different forms, global warming is a very real issue ubiquitous to all parts of the Earth. Originally, it was thought that global warming was the consistent heating of the Earth over time, as a result of pollution and greenhouse gasses. Although … [Read more…]

Teaching Climate Change To Children

Share List Explaining climate change can be difficult especially when you are attempting to teach climate change to children. Firstly, painting a gloomy picture about the future of the world can damage a child’s psyche. They can become blasé and not want to do anything because what’s the point. Secondly, the science behind climate change … [Read more…]

What Is Alternative Energy?

Share List Energy is required to power homes, cars and manufacturing plants among others. The demand for energy is expected to grow as the global population numbers soar into the future. The world is looking to turn away from it’s over reliance on traditional fuels that have been relied upon for centuries to power various … [Read more…]

Is The Movie “2012” Based On Truth?

Share List “2012” was a breakout movie hit. It told the story of a massive disaster that changed the entire world including New York. Most of the population of the world was wiped out in the movie and the only people who survived were those that escaped on a large ship. The disaster was caused … [Read more…]

Save The Penguins!

Share List According to scientists, about 70% of the King Penguin population worldwide will be facing a cataclysm type event by the end of the century. And here’s the problem with the human race – the end of the century is 82 years away, we can worry about that later. But in the realm of … [Read more…]

How Climate Change is Affecting Colorado

Share List Could the End of Skiing in Colorado be Near? According to an article from the Colorodoan, Colorado has been experiencing warmer weather than usual this year, adversely affecting their ski season. Contrary to the belief of public figures in our country and a large portion of the United States of America, climate change is … [Read more…]

Trump & Climate Change

Share List There are many advantages to being one of the biggest kids on the playground. Generally speaking, size can impose unchallenged authority and intimidation tactics to get what it wants, even if its reasons are…well, completely unreasonable. Sometimes, however, the little kids may actually be right. So goes the story of the United States … [Read more…]

Ice Age Apocalypse

Share List Many of us know that Antarctica exists but how many of us actually think about it? Since it’s so far away and unhabitable, what happens there doesn’t really matter to us. But what if it does? For those who live in South America on the southern tip, only 2,500 miles away is Antarctica. … [Read more…]

Part II: A Seaweed Solution to Climate Change

Share List When gargantuan herds of animals move about naturally, they eat a bit, urinate and defecate, get scared away by predators, and then move on. Think about the movement inherent in that process. In order for life to thrive, there is always that same kind of movement. Earthquakes below our feet help redistribute valuable … [Read more…]