Share List Climate change has been big in political and social venues of discussion over the last decade. But it is also a catch-all euphemism for a term called “global warming.” The term was changed because no one can seem to explain the 20-year “pause” I warming that we are currently experiencing on Earth. But … [Read more…]

Save The Penguins!

Share List According to scientists, about 70% of the King Penguin population worldwide will be facing a cataclysm type event by the end of the century. And here’s the problem with the human race – the end of the century is 82 years away, we can worry about that later. But in the realm of … [Read more…]

Part II: A Seaweed Solution to Climate Change

Share List When gargantuan herds of animals move about naturally, they eat a bit, urinate and defecate, get scared away by predators, and then move on. Think about the movement inherent in that process. In order for life to thrive, there is always that same kind of movement. Earthquakes below our feet help redistribute valuable … [Read more…]

Part I: The Climate Problem With Cattle

Share List Perhaps one of the biggest reasons that vegans praise the array of benefits associated with their diet is due to its potential to reverse the damage done by cattle. You might be wondering why on earth these animals are to blame for such a thing, but the answer is simple. First, cows are … [Read more…]

Plant Extinction Due To Climate Change

Share List Whether you are a believer in climate change as man-made or just part of a natural cycle, the current climate is different than a few thousand years ago, and a few thousand years before that. And during these periods of warmer and colder temperatures and more and less violent weather, there has always … [Read more…]

What Animals Are Dying Due To Global Warming?

Share List There is little question that the earth is undergoing some climate change. The big debate that seems to rage is whether this is man-made or whether it’s part of the natural cycle of Earth, which has undergone various cycles of warming and cooling over millions of years. But what isn’t debated is that … [Read more…]