Are Insects Dying Because Of Climate Change?

Share List By now you’ve probably heard the news: insect populations are plummeting. Around 40 percent of all insect species are in decline, many of them in danger of going extinct for good. The food chain relies on all its many links to thrive, and with both the bottom (insects) and top (predators) links in … [Read more…]

What is Dendroclimatology?

Share List Studying the climatic conditions of the past, difficult as it may be is quite important in helping us understand the extent to which climate has changed, and this is where dendroclimatology comes into play. Dendroclimatology is the study of past climate by studying tree – more specifically, tree rings. Tree rings, as botanist … [Read more…]

Small Life Changes That Can Help The Local Environment

Share List When people talk about threats to the environment, they are often referencing problems that affect the environment on a global basis. There are many things that do this including CO2 emissions, the increasing the size of landfills with plastic and rubber tires, and also greenhouse gases that are being emitted from the Poles, … [Read more…]

Celebrities That Support Environmental Conservation

Share List There are a lot of celebrities that try to use their fame in a positive way. It’s not unusual to see celebrities that have some kind of cause. A cause that is particularly popular with celebrities is environmental conservation. A lot of stars encourage their fans to live a greener lifestyle. Brad Pitt … [Read more…]