What Are The Different Types Of Global Warming?

Share List Global warming. Climate change. Although it goes by various names and takes different forms, global warming is a very real issue ubiquitous to all parts of the Earth. Originally, it was thought that global warming was the consistent heating of the Earth over time, as a result of pollution and greenhouse gasses. Although … [Read more…]

Who is Jim Bridenstine?

Share List Regarding the modern opinion on global climate circumstances, there are several names in the upper echelons of our government that tend to stand out as a result of this – most of them for reasons pertaining to their assertions that the scientific community has gotten it all wrong. One of these names is … [Read more…]

Did Climate Change Cause Hurricane Irma?

Share List To say that climate change is responsible for the recent string of tropical storms that have come into existence throughout the Atlantic Ocean would be an obvious inaccuracy. Tropical storms, as well as other devastating natural disasters such as tornadoes, earthquakes, blizzards, and so on – they have all been recognized as parts … [Read more…]

Who Originally Discovered Global Warming?

Share List The concept of global warming is not actually new. It has been around for centuries. Many people have traced original thoughts about this, going back to the ancient Greeks. They had originally wondered if cutting down trees would actually lead to more rainfall in the same general area. This thought process was perpetuated … [Read more…]

Why Cows Are Bad For The Environment

Share List According to a 400-page report by Food and Agricultural organization, cattle are bad for the environment. They add to the pollution of our air emitting more than 100 different types of gasses. This puts over 18 percent of the world’s pollution directly on the cattle for blame. Cattle emit methane which in turn … [Read more…]