Conservative Party Wins In United Kingdom: What Does This Mean For Climate Change?

Share List Prior to Thursday’s election in the United Kingdom, many environmentalists were pointing out how critical it is to the global fight against man-made climate change to put the Conservative Party out of power — but after the party’s stunning win, environmentalists are left scratching their heads instead. Party leader Boris Johnson seemingly couldn’t … [Read more…]

What Are The Benefits Of Solar Energy?

Share List A lot of people still haven’t jumped on the renewable energy bandwagon, and that might be okay. Although the technology is definitely coming around, it still has a long way to go–even if it represents a shocking rate of growth and provides a superior number of jobs than coal or oil do. Futurist … [Read more…]

Some Laws Harm the Environment

Share List Although there has been an increase in concern about the way people treat the environment, that is not always reflected in the laws that govern society. From global policies to ones enacted by tiny rural communities, the laws that are in effect around the world have not caught up with the awareness that … [Read more…]