Ice Age Apocalypse

Share List Many of us know that Antarctica exists but how many of us actually think about it? Since it’s so far away and unhabitable, what happens there doesn’t really matter to us. But what if it does? For those who live in South America on the southern tip, only 2,500 miles away is Antarctica. … [Read more…]

When Did Global Warming Begin?

Share List Most people are aware of what global warming is or have heard of the term. This is commonly thrown around by environmentalists because it is a major issue causing real problems for people. You will want to know when global warming began, so things don’t fall apart on you moving forward. The Late … [Read more…]

The Best Global Warming Movies

Share List Are you interested in watching a film on climate change? If you are, you have plenty of movies to choose from. Below, you’ll find some of the best global warming movies that have been made. All of these movies are worth a watch. Check them out and see what you think! An Inconvenient … [Read more…]

How Are Ice Thickness And Climate Change Related?

Share List Whether you call it climate change or global warming, it’s an issue some are passionate about (like estate planning lawyers), and also something that others fervently deny. The topic has a rather global consensus outside of the United States, where it’s a source of serious political disagreement. However, scientific data is about hard … [Read more…]