Is Climate Change Actually Causing Arctic Ice Loss?

In the last few years, is quite clear that the Arctic is melting as a result of global warming. There have been many images of polar bears that are literally running out of room because the ice is melting. If this continues, it is postulated that we will soon be able to travel over the earth, going through what used to be an almost solid sheet of ice. This is a clear indication that there is a massive change happening right now, and it is tied directly to climate change and global warming.

How Do We Know Climate Change Is Contributing To The Arctic Melt?

The primary reason that we know climate changes affecting the Arctic is that no other natural force could cause such widespread melting. Additionally, it has not been since the Ice Age that the ice in the Arctic has melted at all, and therefore we can see that it is mankind that has been prompting this change. Since record-keeping has begun, there are no accounts of ships being able to travel across the top of the world. Therefore, as the ice continues to melt, this might become a possibility, one that will become a normal reality which can only be detrimental for the world.

How Can We Stop This?

The only way this can be stopped is by focusing on strategies for limiting CO2 emissions. Small things like limiting pollution from automobiles can make all the difference. ¬†However, we also have to combat the fact that the Arctic is melting, and places like Greenland that have incredible amounts of permafrost buried in the ice are now becoming visible. This will release tons of CO2 into the atmosphere on autopilot, all because we have started the massive increase in temperatures that we are all experiencing. It’s only by curbing the amount of CO2 gas into the atmosphere that we can begin to affect a positive change in our environment.