How Has Climate Change Affected The Development Of Civilizations?

When people think about civilization, they are often thinking about our world as it is today. However, we have come from a long line of previous civilizations, some of which may have also been affected by climate change in the distant past. Many scientists will point to examples of cultures that have literally disappeared as a result of climate change that affected their society. Let’s go over a few examples of this, and then talk about how our modern culture can prevent climate change from causing adverse effects.

Examples Of Climate Change Affecting Ancient Civilizations

One of the more recent examples is a place called Easter Island. It is believed that climate change played a role in the demise of that civilization. Not only did the climate change, but they had cut down all of the trees on their island, leading to the eventual demise of this culture that created the enormous Moia statues. Going back 10,000 years, the end of the Ice Age occurred. This had to do with a dramatic shift in global temperatures. In as little as a day, the ice began to melt at a rapid pace, causing the oceans to rise several hundred feet as a result.

Can We Stop Climate Change Today?

Although it is not conclusively known what caused the climate changes in the distant past, we definitely know what is causing it now. Instead of simply hoping that things get better, we can do our part to reduce CO2 emissions into our atmosphere which is actually responsible for polarize melting even today. When the climate changes, societies can fall very quickly. That’s why it’s so important to move toward a green society that understands how impactful our modern culture is on our environment today.