How Climate Change Affects Vegetation

With each passing year, evidence of climate change is becoming more apparent.  Higher average temperatures, changing seasons, and greater occurrence of adverse meteorological phenomena such as El Niño, tornados, and hurricanes. All these effects are more discernable to humans being as they directly affect mankind and often times, a physical manifestation.

However, climate change also affects natural and planted vegetation with far reaching consequences. Herein we are going to look at just how climate change is affecting vegetation diversity and availability.

Climate Change Effects Of Diversity

Climate change is causing an alteration of the established weather patterns, which in turn affect the life cycle of many plants. For instance, climate change that increases one season and reduces the other season affects the sprouting, reproduction, and dispersion of seeds. This, in turn, reduces the ability of some plant to reproduce a subsequent generation (especially in the case of plant slow dispersion and long life cycles), thereby potentially affecting the diversity of the planet’s flora.

Furthermore, as the climate change persists, there might a fundamental change in genetic composition owing to climate change-induce selection pressure. This and the fact that some plant species may be wiped out owing to unfavorable climatic conditions means that there is a chance of losing some plant genetic materials in the near future.

Spatial And Temporal Climate Change Effects Of Vegetation Availability

Climate change has particularly influenced weather patterns in that is has affected temperature ranges and averages, and rainfall amount and distributions. The changes in these whether elements mean that the spatial distribution of vegetation with time as plants (especially concerning natural vegetation) will change as due to the changing climate.

Thus, the availability of vegetation over space and time will change with the changing weather patterns. For instance, due to global warming and desertification, vegetation availability in the semi-arid environments may diminish over time, thus negatively affecting vegetation availability in such places.  Whether you decide to read up on this subject on your favorite website or take more concrete action, you can help save vegetation today.