Has Climate Change Impacted The Evolution Of Humans?

Climate change is an important topic and one that continues to arise with time. You are going to see many people bring it up and that is why it is important to notice how it impacts evolution.

Let’s take a look at the changes that are going to be seen in the long-term.


Those who are living in extreme places are going to become victim to natural selection. Those parts of the world are going to need to evolve to combat those changes along with making sure science can keep up as well. This is a real issue for those who are residing in places that have unbearable temperatures during various parts of the year.

For example, various parts of places in the Middle East and South East Asia are under attack, and that means the weather there is rising in a hurry.

Climate change is going to have a big impact on how humans evolve in those regions as the decades go by.

This means humans who reside in warmer places and notice the temperature rising are less likely to grow body hair with time. This is something that is being seen with polar bears who might not need the thick fur coat they have on their body at this point.

Over time, it will start to weed out those who have thicker hair, and that is something that might happen sooner rather than later.

Various other physical adaptations are going to take place with time, and that is something people will have to get used to naturally. It is also going to be impacted by the direction the planet goes in with its technology, but natural selection will take place according to experts.

In fact, it continues to take place to this day and age.