How Exactly Does Climate Change Relate To Population Growth?

Although there are some people in the world today that believe climate change is a farce, scientists are clearly showing that there are indications that it is happening at an accelerated rate. Some of the signs of climate change can be seen in changes in our seasons, and it is also confirmed by the high temperatures that we have been experiencing worldwide. Another factor that is contributing to the data that we have that states climate change is real is population growth across the globe. Here are a few reason why climate change has been affected by population growth, and what we can do about this to get things back to normal.

How Climate Change and Population Growth Are Related

Most people understand that climate change is a direct result of human beings. Part of that reason has to do with population growth. We now have over 6 billion people on the planet, a nearly 4 fold increase that has happened over the last 100 years. At this rate, we are going to see the population of the world continue to increase beyond our means to sustain everyone. All of these extra people are contributing to climate change because of how much CO2 we are releasing into the air. As we continue to drive more vehicles, and operate more factories, the temperature of the planet is going to continue to rise. This is directly responsible for climate change, but how can we augment the number of people that are going to be on the earth over the next several decades in order to resolve this problem?

We Need To Reduce CO2 Emissions

Although there is no way to actually control the growth of population, you can control how much CO2 is released into the atmosphere. It is only by moving away from fossil fuels and finding ways of generating electricity through green energy strategies that we will be able to curb global warming. It is only through technology, and deciding to move forward toward energy production through solar panels and wind that we will be able to compensate for the problems we are causing. If we can continue to move forward, recognizing that human beings are causing the problem, we should be able to get global warming under control.  Coastal cities like Los Angeles or Tampa Bay or St. Petersburg need us more than ever if we want to keep them safe.