Why Do Some Folks Think Global Warming Is a Myth?

If a debate about the planet and global warming arises, you can be sure that there will be folks who deny the possibility altogether, even when faced with evidence to the contrary. Why is it that so many people these days believe that global warming is a myth?

Well, one of the reasons has to do with the age of the population. Baby boomers were raised in a different era, and have a difficult time with some of the advances in technology that have been made during their lifetimes. The excesses of their generation contributed at least in part to the global issues plaguing nature today. Perhaps they have a sense of denial or guilt that makes them thumb their nose at the obvious changes that are happening in the world around us.

Some of the folks who don’t believe in global warming say that the changes that are going down have to do with natural patterns on the planet. After all, the measuring guides used to accurately record the temperature have not been around for all that long. However, this does not take into account things like the big chunks of ice that are breaking free from the polar ice. This is clearly not something that just happens every few hundred years or there would be evidence.

However, you will not be able to convince some folks about any of this. Whether it is allegiance to a famous person who denies global warming, bowing down to a website that posts information they agree with, or just plain denial or ignorance, you should not try to force someone to believe it if they don’t want to. Instead, make an effort to change your life for the better to reduce your carbon footprint and improve the planet.

Here is a video of a relatively famous global warming denier, Steven Crowder: