When Did Global Warming Begin?

Most people are aware of what global warming is or have heard of the term. This is commonly thrown around by environmentalists because it is a major issue causing real problems for people.

You will want to know when global warming began, so things don’t fall apart on you moving forward.

The Late Glacial Maximum

This is the first period that started the heating of Earth, and it was before the time of production. Many people state it was the use of coal that brought on global warming, but that is untrue. It all started 13,000 years ago during this era when it had an impact on the planet.

It has continued to have an impact since then bu the reason it is bad now has more to do with how accelerated it has become. It was going at a slow pace, but it has gone to the point now where it is racing ahead at a pace no one can manage.

Those who are trying to get a read on global warming will have to take these stages of the Earth’s development into account. Why did global warming start? It had a lot to do with how the planet is shaped and how it continues to rotate.

There are many people who remain unaware of this, and that is the reason they struggle. Global warming is going to get worse with time, and there are many researchers who are spending most of their time looking into this when it comes to their work.

They want to get a read on what is happening around the planet, and it starts here.

The real issues started in the 70s when carbon dioxide emissions became a real trouble maker and that is when they started taking it seriously, but it has been around for a while.  It can be traced even further back to the 19th century, when factories produced massive amounts of material using incredibly toxic chemicals.  On top of this, using coal trains to get from New York to California for over a century certainly did not help slow down global warming.