Why Global Warming Still Exists Even If It Is Still Snowing

One of the reasons that many people deny that climate change is happening, especially in regard to global warming, is that we are still seeing a dramatic amount of snowfall. In places like North America where snow has been falling very lightly, the recent increase in snowfall as prompted climate change skeptics to denounce that it is real. However, the fact that we are seeing heavier snowfall in certain areas is a clear indication that global warming is alive and well.

Why Falling Snow Is An Indication Of Global Warming

There is a cycle that water goes through as it is providing us with the precipitation that we need in order to grow crops, and also have drinking water. When it is excessively warm, water evaporates, and it ends up being locked in the atmosphere. However, when too much moisture is in the atmosphere, especially over the polar regions, it will begin to condense at some point in time. This will create record snowfall, and it is because of the sheer volume of the snow, that we know that it is caused by global warming.

What Can Be Done About This?

The only way to get things back to normal is to limit the CO2 emissions that are constantly being produced by modern society. We are now at the point where permafrost is beginning to be exposed in the polar regions, and as it begins to thaw, more CO2 is released into the atmosphere. We need to get things under control and this can be done by moving away from fossil fuel production. Those that deny global warming are simply ignoring the facts, and by focusing on green energy, we should be able to contribute enough to our environment to get things back to normal.