Some Laws Harm the Environment

Although there has been an increase in concern about the way people treat the environment, that is not always reflected in the laws that govern society. From global policies to ones enacted by tiny rural communities, the laws that are in effect around the world have not caught up with the awareness that our behaviors have a direct and dire impact on the planet when chosen poorly.

It was not that long ago that the law had nothing to say about dumping toxic waste into the water, throwing garbage on the beaches and an array of other behaviors that are no longer considered acceptable in many parts of the world. While it is true that many first world countries have made laws that forbid these outrageous actions, that does not help with the countless places where garbage is all over and the environment is treated poorly.

Additionally, there are laws that cannot easily be changed without disrupting the function of modern society. For example, some factories would not be able to keep up with new laws that required stricter emissions control. This would lead to a loss of jobs, which has a negative impact on the community and can snowball into even greater problems.

The laws are changing though and it is important to keep up with them if you are going to choose environmentally sound options throughout your life. When you can and it is appropriate, allow your voice to be heard in the cry for improved laws to protect the earth. It is up to individuals like you to start affecting the change you want to see. The more folks who do, the more rapid changes for the better will occur when it comes to the planet and people becoming better stewards of it.

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