Who Originally Discovered Global Warming?

The concept of global warming is not actually new. It has been around for centuries. Many people have traced original thoughts about this, going back to the ancient Greeks. They had originally wondered if cutting down trees would actually lead to more rainfall in the same general area. This thought process was perpetuated by 19th century Americans, but it was in 1896 that it was officially defined. A Swedish scientist determined that burning fuels such as coal could release extreme amounts of CO2 in the atmosphere. He postulated that this could create a greenhouse effect, raising the average temperature of the earth worldwide.

Advancements In This Theory

There have been many advancements in this theory which have led many people to believe that it’s not just the burning of coal, but the use of automobiles, factories, and anything that burns petroleum is contributing to global warming. This has since been determined by NASA tracking the average temperature of the earth, clearly showing that global temperatures are on the rise. This prompted many countries to come to an agreement that they would curb CO2 emissions over time. It was recognized that we are contributing to this problem, and they were trying to find a way to fix it.

Where Do We Go From Here?

After the Paris agreement was made within the framework of the United Nations by a multitude of politicians and lawyers, it was believed that we were on track to do something to help global warming slow down. However, recent changes have made many people worried about whether or not we are going to keep to this agreement. Hopefully, more people in power will begin to realize that global warming is real and that human beings are causing the problem. As long as we are able to stay focused on the objective of reducing CO2 emissions, we should be able to help save our world.