New Report Gives Us 30 Years To Avert Climate Change Or Go Extinct (And Yes, You Read That Correctly)

Share List A new report released by an Australian think tank has warned the public that we have perhaps less than three decades to reduce or eliminate carbon emissions enough to avert a catastrophe the likes of which has never happened before in human history. The worst part? It acknowledges that the reports the international … [Read more…]

Actually Teaching Climate Change Part 1.

Share List According to a recent poll done by NPR, teachers do not teach climate change. Their main reason? It’s not in my curriculum. And for those who do have it in their curriculum, it’s not until middle or high school Earth Science, which only 2 out of 50 states require to get a high … [Read more…]

When Our Children Must Resort To Suing the U.S. Government Over Climate Change Policy

Share List You know something’s wrong in the neighborhood when it’s come down to this. A lawsuit placed in 2015 against the Obama Administration still hasn’t made much ground, and it’s latest roadblock is the U.S. Supreme Court. The lawsuit lodged by 21 children argues that the U.S. government has known how dangerous fossil fuels … [Read more…]

The Shrinking Extent Of Arctic Sea Ice

Share List If you haven’t been paying attention to the extent of Arctic Sea ice over the last decade, then it’s time to start. Satellite measurements began in earnest in 1979, and 2018’s Arctic Sea ice extent in October was about 2.34 million square miles. That might sound like a lot of ice, but it … [Read more…]

What Is A Climate Change Positive Feedback Loop?

Share List A lot of climate-change deniers will use that same old tired argument: “Listen, the climate has been changing ever since there was a climate to change. It’s bogus to think that humans have something to do with this.” Unfortunately, we either know of or have a pretty good idea of the forces at … [Read more…]


Share List Climate change has been big in political and social venues of discussion over the last decade. But it is also a catch-all euphemism for a term called “global warming.” The term was changed because no one can seem to explain the 20-year “pause” I warming that we are currently experiencing on Earth. But … [Read more…]

What Are The Different Types Of Global Warming?

Share List Global warming. Climate change. Although it goes by various names and takes different forms, global warming is a very real issue ubiquitous to all parts of the Earth. Originally, it was thought that global warming was the consistent heating of the Earth over time, as a result of pollution and greenhouse gasses. Although … [Read more…]