How Are Ice Thickness And Climate Change Related?

Share List Whether you call it climate change or global warming, it’s an issue some are passionate about (like estate planning lawyers), and also something that others fervently deny. The topic has a rather global consensus outside of the United States, where it’s a source of serious political disagreement. However, scientific data is about hard … [Read more…]

Learning About Climate Change Through Weather Men

Share List Climate change is a stark reality and has become a prominent topic among experts. For the average person, a lot of the scientific lingo might go over their head, and it’s essential to have a tangible resource to learn. This is where the weatherman can do wonders in helping learn about the subject. … [Read more…]

What Are Greenhouse Gases?

Share List If you spend any amount of time paying attention to the news, the world at large, or the environment in particular, then one term you are going to eventually hear is that of ‘greenhouse gasses.’ If you are not already familiar with the concept, then you are probably going to wonder just what … [Read more…]

Small Life Changes That Can Help The Local Environment

Share List When people talk about threats to the environment, they are often referencing problems that affect the environment on a global basis. There are many things that do this including CO2 emissions, the increasing the size of landfills with plastic and rubber tires, and also greenhouse gases that are being emitted from the Poles, … [Read more…]

Some Laws Harm the Environment

Share List Although there has been an increase in concern about the way people treat the environment, that is not always reflected in the laws that govern society. From global policies to ones enacted by tiny rural communities, the laws that are in effect around the world have not caught up with the awareness that … [Read more…]

The 3 Most Fuel Efficient Cars

Share List With gas prices more unpredictable than ever before, it is important to invest in fuel efficient cars. The good news is, cars are much more fuel-efficient than ever before. Therefore, it is easier than ever to save on gas regardless of what size or body type your vehicle is. With that being said, … [Read more…]

Is Recycling Really Worth the Effort?

Share List Are you one of the people who practices breaking down boxes and other recyclables in order to prepare them for the right garbage container? Perhaps you don’t recycle and are starting to think that maybe you should. Whether you are at either end of the spectrum or somewhere in between, you should take … [Read more…]