Is The Polar Bear Population in Danger?

There are many examples of animals that are in danger or that are no longer with us because they are now extinct. How about polar bears? Is this kind of bear at risk, or worse, in danger of getting extinct?

What is a polar bear? They, as well as the Kodiak brown bears, are the largest carnivores on land. They are marine mammals that feed primarily on seals but also other mammals such as walruses and whales. The bears spend over 50 percent of their time searching for food.

They have a water repellant black coat that is covered with thick white fur, thicker than any other bear species, that is suitable for freezing temperatures and good for blending into frigid temperatures. They are also excellent swimmers. They don’t hibernate. Only pregnant polar bears go into dens for the winter.

The polar bear population, which is less than 25,000, is being harmed by climate change. As a result, their sea ice habitat is currently threatened. As of May 2008, the polar bear is listed as a threatened species in the United States as described by the Endangered Species Act.

However, it’s possible to save the polar bear. By paying close attention to the way we deal with the environment, such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the polar bear can be saved. To save the polar bear, ice, which has dwindled over the years, must be saved, as well. The rising temperatures due to climate change must be controlled.

Many resources can assist people who are interested in saving the polar bears.  Several cities in the US, from New York to Seattle to Atlanta, are stepping up efforts to help out polar bears.  Regular efforts are underway by those interested in protecting animals and the environment to ensure that this breed of the bear does not end up on the endangered list and ultimately as a form of a bear that becomes extinct.