Save The Penguins!

According to scientists, about 70% of the King Penguin population worldwide will be facing a cataclysm type event by the end of the century. And here’s the problem with the human race – the end of the century is 82 years away, we can worry about that later. But in the realm of science and change – 82 years is a very short time frame. Think about it for a second. Evolution took place over the course of a million of years. This will all happen in 82 years! Within some of our lifetimes!

So what is happening? Sadly, the main food source for the penguins is migrating further away from penguin breeding grounds which is causing the penguins to have to travel a very long distance just to eat. And although King Penguins have historically traveled over hundreds of miles to gather food for their offspring, this major shift in what is called the Antarctic Polar front might make their food source too far away, in turn causing the King Penguins to also migrate.

Scientists are not sure how this migration might affect the King Penguin population. If they migrate further south their presence on other islands could have a detriment to the native species of those islands causing a complete imbalance in the ecosystem.

So how do we prevent the migrating of the main food source? According to researchers, even if we a conservative greenhouse gas emission estimation – the Crozet Islands where about half of the King Penguin population currently live will be drastically affected by global temperatures rising. From the way this research sounds, it seems inevitable that the King Penguin population will be impacted by the end of the century. Even if we as a world vow to help mitigate our greenhouse gas emissions, this will happen maybe slower. Maybe in 200 years rather than 82.

So you can continue to live life the way you are or you can at least try to save the penguins!