Why Are We Still Using Fossil Fuels in 2017?

If you are aware of the environmental impact of modern society on the planet, then you are likely asking yourself why people are still using fossil fuels in 2017. After all, all kinds of studies have been done that have shown that fossil fuel use is not good for the world, cannot be sustained and comes with a host of problems.

There are solutions that are being implemented throughout the globe, but the process is slow and sometimes nonexistent as developing nations have to rely on the leftovers from the industrial world, which includes technology that depends on fossil fuels. You would think that with the increased investment toward green energy options that people and businesses would be jumping all over these choices.

However, municipalities worldwide have not chosen to go at this process full force. Instead, you have some implementation by the utility companies, along with folks in the private sector utilizing it as well. There are people with solar panels on their homes who still drive gas guzzling vehicles. Even the hybrids need this stuff to go down the road.

So, why is the change so slow? Part of the problem is likely that the fossil fuel industry is big business and those who are reaping the financial rewards don’t want to give them up without a fight. However, the apathy of the average person is far more involved. If people don’t start demanding and implementing real changes into their lives, the use of fossil fuels will continue on.

If you are concerned about the excessive use of fossil fuels and oil, you need to make a choice to reduce your own reliance on them. Whether it is selling your car and walking to work or switching to green energy at home, you will be really glad you did!