Teaching Climate Change To Children

Explaining climate change can be difficult especially when you are attempting to teach climate change to children. Firstly, painting a gloomy picture about the future of the world can damage a child’s psyche. They can become blasé and not want to do anything because what’s the point. Secondly, the science behind climate change is quite complex! Well, thanks to Trans.Mission and the National Environment Research Counsel what better way to explain too hard concept other than cute animated videos.

The first video is entitled Message from Antarctica. It was created by Emily Shuckburgh who is an oceanographer with the British Antarctic Survey and Chris Haughton who is a designer and illustrator. It appeals to children because it contains cute penguins, walrus, and Eskimo scientists. You can watch the video below and learn how the bubbles in ice indicate how much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in years past.

The second video is Clean Air Starts At Home that helps explain how household products full of chemicals have a negative impact on air quality. You can watch this video to learn how everyday items such as shampoo, air freshener, perfumes, etc can emit harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that interact with our sunlight and create smog.

NASA also has a whole website dedicated to teaching children about climate change that can be found here: https://climatekids.nasa.gov/menu/teach/

Ths site includes coloring pages, crafts, and PDFs that are meant for kids to learn while doing. If we start to educate our kids now about climate change we can hope for a brighter and cleaner future. Our favorite is the make an ocean ecosystem dessert – because who doesn’t like to cook and learn about science at the same time! Check it out! https://climatekids.nasa.gov/ocean-ecosystem/