Trump Orders New Infrastructure Measures Pushed Through Environmental Obstacles

An executive order signed by Trump during the recent string of protests and riots (perhaps by design thanks to the distraction), will push a number of new infrastructure projects past the environmental review processes in place to prevent the destruction of our natural habitats. For a president who does little to show he cares about the world we live in, this should hardly come as a surprise to anyone paying attention.

The order reads: “From the beginning of my Administration, I have focused on reforming and streamlining an outdated regulatory system that has held back our economy with needless paperwork and costly delays. The need for continued progress in this streamlining effort is all the more acute now, due to the ongoing economic crisis.”

Trading current economy realities for future environmental realities is a common tactic in Trump’s fear-mongering crusade. Why save the livelihoods of all humans who live in our world a decade of now when we can make a few more bucks today?

Former White House Council on Environmental Quality (under Obama) Christy Goldfuss said, “This administration is removing phantom barriers that are at their essence protections for the very communities that are struggling most from the health impacts of air and water pollution.”

She continued, “They’re trying to divert attention away from the crisis of racial injustice happening around the country, by giving agency leads the excuse to ram through polluting projects that will prob up the dying fossil fuel industry while destroying the very same communities that are dying at higher rates from COVID-19 and police violence, as well.”

And that’s what it all comes down to, again and again, in the laws passed by the Trump administration: saving a few aging executives from financial ruin when their companies are already underperforming when compared to renewable industries like wind and solar — which coincidentally are both creating far more jobs, something our president should be focusing on if he really wants to help our economy.