What Would A Democratic Win In 2020 Mean For Climate Change?

Most anyone paying attention will already know that a President Trump was terrible news for the battle against man-made climate change. He pulled the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Agreement, which makes our country one of the only major polluters to not support or ratify the international accord. Trump is on the record as saying that he does not believe greenhouse gases are warming the planet.

But the issues go much further than what is essentially a non-binding agreement. The Paris Climate Agreement doesn’t actually force any of the countries that have signed and ratified it to abide by the terms therein. Trump has actually appointed new heads of NASA and the EPA who don’t even believe in climate change — which is a major problem since part of their job is figuring out how to fight it successfully.

Trump has also attempted to undercut California regulations that would force car manufacturers who sell in the state to lower vehicular emissions, suggesting that one state should not have that much power over a country-wide industry. Dozens of states have sued the administration for its attempt to override California’s legislation. 

Trump also has no plan whatsoever to reduce emissions or support clean energy.

Issues like these should make it very clear what is at stake on Election Day in November of this year. A Democratic president — no matter who he or she is — would absolutely lend strong support to the fight against climate change. They would enact legislation to reduce emissions and subsidize renewable energies like wind, solar, and hydro. The new heads of NASA and the EPA would undoubtedly believe in the science that says our planet is warming catastrophically.

Bernie Sanders has promised to support a Green New Deal, which would go much further than any other candidate’s plan. It’s important to note that many of the entry and exit polls done at the three state caucuses/primaries so far have shown that one of the key issues for likely voters is climate change.

Most candidates want to reduce emissions to zero by 2050. Sanders plans to do the same, although he would likely try to enact legislation to achieve this goal much sooner. His plan aims to slash emissions by 71 percent by 2030. 

Many of the climate naysayers have overlooked the number of new jobs a Green New Deal would create. Millions of new jobs in new and existing industries will be added to the U.S. economy regardless of which Democrat is elected, though. 

Should Donald Trump be reelected, the environment will continue to suffer.