The Best Global Warming Movies

Are you interested in watching a film on climate change? If you are, you have plenty of movies to choose from. Below, you’ll find some of the best global warming movies that have been made. All of these movies are worth a watch. Check them out and see what you think!

An Inconvenient Truth

This documentary, which was spearheaded by director Davis Guggenheim and politician Al Gore, is one of the most comprehensive films about climate change. The film presents charts, data, and various scenarios that highlight the impact global warming has had on the environment. This film was well received and has been shown in schools around the world.


Released in 2014, Disruption is one of the more recent documentaries on global warming. Because this documentary is newer than a lot of other documentaries, it provides information that is extremely up to date. The documentary focuses on both the impact of climate change and the best options for sustainability.

The 11th Hour

While some documentaries focus on climate change, this documentary puts a spotlight on the people behind the environmentalist movement. It talks about the struggles that environmentalists have been dealing with. This documentary has a strong sense of urgency. The 11th Hour reminds people that we have to act now if we want to protect our planet.


Not every movie that discusses global warming is negative. Switch is a documentary that highlights the positive changes that have been made over the last decade. It explores the transition from non renewable resources to clean, renewable energy sources.

Global warming is a subject worth studying. It has an impact on every human and creature that lives on the planet earth. If you’re looking for a reliable source of information, the best global warming movies should be a big help to you.